side-image-newAston Polygraph can provide Lie Detector tests anywhere in the UK, Ireland or Europe. We are based in North London and can arrange a test at our own offices if required.

Your examiner is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the British Polygraph Association and the British & European Polygraph Association and trained at the Academy of Polygraph Science in Florida, an American Polygraph Association accredited school.

Our services using the latest Pc based equipment and software can help resolve issues in the following areas:

Relationship and Infidelity issues.

Polygraph tests are often used where there is a need to prove innocence or uncover deception within a relationship. The information provided can assist many couples in determining their future.

False or malicious allegations.

Polygraph tests can be used for the verification of information and statements.

Pre-employment Screening.

Various types of business need to reduce the risk of employing unsuitable candidates for sensitive positions and Polygraph testing can ensure this.

Theft Allegations.

A Polygraph Test can enable an innocent party to clear their name and demonstrate honesty.

Bribery/Kickback Allegations.

Polygraph tests can be administered where such suspicions exist.

Allegations of Abuse.

Whether at home or at work, the Polygraph can be a significant aid to truth verification.

We offer a discreet and professional service in London, the UK, Ireland and Europe. Other locations on request.